Whether we’re creating a single video, an entire series of videos, or building your brand from the ground up, we’ve developed a time-tested process that’s designed to be iterative and collaborative. We’ll share work at every stage, gather feedback, build consensus and refine, until we’ve reached our goal.

FocusSample Deliverables
1Learning & PlanningResearch, Audience Definition, Messaging Strategy, Content StrategyContent Roadmap, Archetyping Survey, Messaging Sequence, User Experience Map
2ConceptDivergent Thinking, Broad ideation, Story Arcs and Structures, Vision-CastingConcepts Deck, Story Plan Deck, Story Pitch, Visual/Verbal Direction Boards
3Pre-ProductionConvergent Thinking, Testing and Refining Images Words, Style, & Tone.Production Plan Deck, Design Development Deck, Style Frames, Storyboards, Animatic, Script
4ProductionFinalizing, Animating, Filming, Recording, Composing, Coordinating, QAFinal Animation, Production-ready Documents, Final designs, Source Files
Team around a table