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Scope & Sequence is dedicated to helping nonprofits, thought leaders, educators, and other mission-driven organizations change the world.

We explain important ideas through video to help your audience understand, care, and act.

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“They listened to us AND they gave us great ideas, too. They weren’t passive. They were like a team training for a big race: always trying hard to be the best.”
–Lenore Skenazy, Author and co-founder of LetGrow

“Scope & Sequence produced top-notch work that exceeded expectations. Each video was successful and received a whopping 371,000–559,000 views”.
–Tax Foundation

“They have a really unique skill in listening, understanding, and digesting our difficult subject matter and turning it into a beautiful and emphatic story.”
–Charlie’s Kids Foundation

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Who We Are:

We’re a team of writers, directors, and artists who have made it our mission to communicate world-changing ideas with empathy, clarity, and meaning.

We draw on decades of experience translating and distilling complex subject matter. We’ve wrestled with some of the most important topics in the world, to create content that leads to awareness, understanding, and action.

Sonny Silverton

Sonny Silverton

Founder, Executive Producer

Jonathan Seeds

Jonathan Seeds

Founder, Creative Director (design)

Chris Ignizio

Chris Ignizio

Founder, Creative Director (content)

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Made with empathy and designed for action.